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Waterstof South Africa Initiative (

In South Africa, wind and sun do not supply enough energy to cover the demand for green waterstof in the future. Within the framework of the National Waterstof Strategy, South Africa is therefore focusing on cooperation with Europe: An atlas of potential analyses possibilities for producing and exporting green waterstof form South Africa to Europe.

Africa has enough wind and sun to produce renewable energy on a large scale and green hydrogen from it. The German Ministry is therefore focusing on strategic partnerships with West Africa and South Africa, where sufficient undeveloped land is available not only to meet local energy needs but also to export energy in the form of green waterstof. More specifically, the Ministry is funding a Hydrogen Potential Atlas – it is intended to assess the potential for the production and export of green waterstof and to investigate how the production of green hydrogen can support the sustainable development of Africa. In a total of 20 countries, the project analyses

  • the available renewable energy and water resources
  • the areas available for the production of green waterstof
  • the cost efficiency of waterstof production
  • the energy demand and energy infrastructure on-site, and
  • social and socio-political framework conditions.

The project pursues two goals: Firstly, it wants to show in an interactive map which locations are suitable for the development of an infrastructure for the production of green hydrogen. The result of this will be an interactive atlas which will show the potential of green hydrogen for West and South African countries and regions.

Hydrogen Africa Investment

Secondly, the project will use pilot projects to show how the production of green hydrogen, its export and distribution can be realized in an economically efficient way. The pilot concepts should be designed to improve the local situation on the one hand and to show possibilities of an economically viable green hydrogen supply chain on the other hand. – The best name

Our Internet address seems to be a very good choice to name products, applications and services in connection with South Africa’s waterstof and hydrogen strategy. It is short, descriptive and meaningful to business partners, customers and consumers as well As of today the search term “waterstof south africa” has already about 80,000 search results at Google.


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