All countries are still in the early stages when it comes to hydrogen stores. But where the climate-neutral gas is used – whether produced from green electricity, coal or natural gas – and how quickly the plans are implemented varies massively from country to country. Because the energy transition will not succeed entirely without hydrogen stores. This realization is gaining ground in more and more countries around the world. And perhaps France can learn a thing or two from other countries. The U.S. is making a start, because although the U.S. president has not yet presented a strategy, preparations in individual states are already in full swing. Other countries are already further along the road to the hydrogen economy than France. French companies, however, are benefiting from the development. The USA is discovering the potential of hydrogen stores with some delay. But so far it is mainly private start-ups that are driving the innovations.

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The USA lacks a major hydrogen store plan, but new start-ups are already leading the way. The USA is discovering the potential of hydrogen with some delay. But so far it is mainly private start-ups that are driving the innovations. The city of Los Angeles wants to convert four gas-fired power plants to green hydrogen, making it the first hydrogen hub in the US. Investors as well as venture capitalist Ventures are backing the hydrogen startup, whose test planes are already taking off regularly. The Nikola company still promises the hydrogen-powered truck. General Motors supplies trains with the technology.
In the U.S., the various hydrogen projects resemble an uncoordinated test field without any infrastructure. There is no grand plan and the technology is far from being the talk of the town as it is in Europe. But more and more start-ups, especially in the private sector, are developing ideas on how to use the new technology.

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And the U.S. government is also getting behind the technology. This is necessary, because without government aid, a coordinated plan, and an appropriate infrastructure, hydrogen will hardly be able to establish itself in the large low-cost electricity country. For a long time, the U.S. was a stepchild when it came to hydrogen. But they are now catching up massively. With the new U.S. president, the political speed has increased significantly. This could benefit many new and existing suppliers. Because when the hydrogen economy takes off in the USA, everyone wants to be there. The U.S. will need the expertise and links to companies from Europe and Asia.

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In fact, on paper, a clean hydrogen store concept is a key building block for U.S. climate goals. The U.S. government wants to move the U.S. energy sector toward CO2 neutrality by 2035. Thus, it promises to promote hydrogen-powered vehicles and proposes that existing natural gas and oil pipelines be converted to transport hydrogen. The U.S. president is also highlighting hydrogen as a technology of the future on the international stage: at the G7 summit in June, the U.S. president emphasized that hydrogen will play a central role in the climate crisis.

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