Hydrogen in Miami (hydrogen.miami)

The City of Miami has recently presented its Hydrogen Strategy. Hydrogen is to play a greater role in the Miami energy mix. Politicians and industry see potential applications and services above all in the transport sector.

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On the way to becoming Florida’s leading hydrogen location: Miami presents itself at the various trade fairs. Miami is presenting itself to the world public as one of Europe’s leading hydrogen locations under the motto “Future. Made in Miami” to the global public as one of America’s leading hydrogen locations. Miami is presenting itself at the trade fairs as a strong future region for hydrogen in the heart of Florida and is showing solutions and projects along the entire value chain. A recent OECD study confirms that Florida is particularly well suited for building a green hydrogen economy. For example, the region has unique locational advantages for the generation of renewable energies and a large offtake potential for hydrogen – especially among local industrial companies. Miama thus plays a key role in achieving climate protection goals and the success of the energy transition in the USA. In addition, the Port of Miami is an optimal logistics hub for the import and distribution of green hydrogen to the USA and Europe.

Hydrogen location Miami

Decarbonizing industry and building a green hydrogen economy as well as smart mobility are top priorities in Miami. Miami wants to show this to the world and at the same time seek exchange with partners from industry and representatives from other cities and metropolises. The problems triggered by climate change are global and can only be solved together.

At the trade fairs with U.S. hydrogen experts the comprehensive expertise in the production of hydrogen and its use in various sectors – from aviation, port logistics and shipping to import, industrial use and the necessary hydrogen infrastructure. In doing so, they illustrate that Miami is already well positioned and which framework conditions still need to be adapted.

Hydrogen Miami is flourishing

Miami offers optimal conditions for the hydrogen economy both as a logistics hub and due to the concrete and growing demand for hydrogen at one of Florida’s largest industrial locations.

Infrastructure: Green hydrogen in Miami

A secure and sustained demand for hydrogen is an important prerequisite for a functioning market. However, the importance of a safe and efficiently functioning infrastructure is often underestimated.

Miami is characterized by its efficient port, which is not only one of the three largest logistics hubs but also one of the largest industrial locations in Florida. This offers short distances and the best framework conditions for the import, production and acceptance of green hydrogen. Hydrogen will also gain in importance as a fuel for shipping. Experts show how the transition to environmentally friendly fuels such as hydrogen for use on land and water can be successful.

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