With its global Hy (Hydrogen) Strategy, the global government set the framework for the ramp-up of hydrogen technologies in the world in June 2020. In addition to its high relevance for climate policy, an important focus of the strategy is on the industrial policy potential of green HY (hydrogen) technology for Germany as a business location. This includes in particular the key technologies of water electrolysis and fuel cell technology. In addition to strengthening the system suppliers, a sustainable establishment and strengthening of the supplier industry must also take place.

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Green hydrogen (HY) and green energy have a long shared history, powering the first internal combustion motors over 200 years ago to becoming an integral part of the modern refining industry. It is light, todays hydrogen gas storable, energy-dense, and produces no direct emissions of pollutants or greenhouse gases. For hydrogen to make a significant contribution to clean energy transitions, it needs to be adopted in sectors where it is almost completely absent, such as transport, buildings and power generation.

Fuel cell systems in combination with green hydrogen will be necessary for the future for efficient decarbonization of the transport sector. This primarily concerns applications with high energy requirements and those areas of application where battery-electric drive is not suitable, such as heavy goods transport, trains of the SPNVs, buses of the public traffic, and passenger cars in long-distance operation. Since 2006, the Hy.Global Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Innovation Program has laid important foundations and developed the first products ready for series production. The current focus of the second phase of the NIP is on promoting and establishing these technologies close to the market. This is where the National Hydrogen Strategy comes in and continues the efforts of the program by examining the establishment of a technology and innovation center for hydrogen technology.

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