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H2.TV – Hydrogen Streaming

Infinitely available and potentially green, hydrogen comprises an ever-growing share of the world’s energy mix. The barrier has always been the cost of delivering hydrogen “green” for cities.

Large quantities of hydrogen (H2) are required for different purposes in many industries. Today, this hydrogen is normally produced off-site and delivered to the factory.

Producing green hydrogen on-site using scalable green hydrogen electrolyzer clusters is a viable alternative for many industrial sites, enabling them to improve their green profile and become more energy independent. What’s more, green hydrogen produced via on-site electrolysis is often considerably less costly than hydrogen delivered from industrial gas companies.

The industry around Green Hydrogen is growing very fast. If you want to be part of it and desire to join the newest cleantech starring, send us your unsolicited application. We are always on the outlook for talents in the greenish industries.

Hydrogen (H2) is used in many applications in many industries around the world, and not all of these fit into easily definable green hydrogen categories.

Affordable, mass-produced, green hydrogen is the missing link needed to decarbonize the world – with the power and potential to remove or reduce carbon from hard-to-abate sectors like heavy transport, shipping, steel and cement, and reduce the use of natural gas throughout our global economy.

To date, hydrogen has been an industrial captive, but it is now emerging as a commodity that can be traded, opening capital market access, and unleashing tremendous growth.

Traditional green hydrogen made from electrolysis is very expensive to produce and requires tremendous amounts of renewable power, which is intermittent, and water, which is a scarce global resource. Unlike other green hydrogen, the greener than green hydrogen does not require a high electrical energy load.

Blue, gray and brown hydrogen producers either use fossil fuels like natural gas or coal, or low temperature gasification to produce dirty syngas with low hydrogen and toxic tars.

Hydrogen is the emerging solution for hard-to-decarbonize sectors like the cement industry. The solution to produce green hydrogen and bio-syngas from the gasification of biomass and biogenic waste using a green hydrogen process can be a cost competitive solution to provide the high quality heat required in our industry, and replace or reduce the usage of gas and coal.

H2.TV – The best name you may get

Our Internet address seems to be a very good choice to name products, applications, and services in connection with any hydrogen strategy. It is short, descriptive, and meaningful to business partners, customers and consumers as well and is the best address you can get, except of As of today the search term “h2 tv” has already about 90 million search results at Google.


To get in touch with us, please send an inquiry to You may also buy the domain directly at the international domain trade platform Here is the link:

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