Companies in the the City of London are an acknowledged leader in deploying zero emission and green hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in urban operation. They are having pioneered public operation of hydrogen powered buses; they installed stationary fuel cells in any other European cities; and they established a commercial market for  various fuel cell applications. However, there is still very much to be invented and the City of London needs to build a green hydrogen platform to facilitate the environmental and economic benefite from deploying these applications.

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For the major urban area of the Greater City of London the benefits are quite clear, and particularly so for City of London itself. On the environmental side the uptake of hydrogen-powered vehicles, stationary fuel cell units throughout the city will all help meet the energy and transport requirements with zero emissions, delivering cleaner air and enhanced health benefits. At the same time, hydrogen can be produced from a range of no carbon or low carbon sources and be stored to help support a more resilient energy network in the City of London.

The City of London had setup an H2 Hydrogen London partnership that has helped catalyze several green hydrogen and fuel cell projects in London. The Mayor of the City of London established H2 Hydrogen London to drive forward London’s green hydrogen economy. Moreover, he is keen to adopt the technology where feasible in the buildings and vehicles.

For two years now, the energy world has been discussing one question time and again: What role does the use of green hydrogen play in a successful energy turnaround? The answer is now almost unanimous: a big one. Many see in this alternative energy carrier almost the panacea for all problems – whether in industry, transport, air or the heating sector. However, a new study by London-based think tank Aurora Energy Research now warns against hype about the popular molecule. That could drive up the price. “If we use green hydrogen for all sectors, its market price will be twice as high as if we only use it in the essential sectors,” explains study author Alexander Esser in an interview with Handelsblatt. “If you have a lot of renewable energy in your system, there are periods with low prices at which you can produce hydrogen. But these periods become shorter and rarer the more hydrogen you need,” the energy expert analyses.

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