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Im Jahr 2014 wurden neue Domainnamen wie h2.Koeln oder hy.colgone ins Leben gerufen. Ziel war und ist es auch, den in Deutschland sowie in Köln (Cologne) hergestellten Wasserstoff für innovative, nachhaltige Lösungen zu nutzen und den Weg für die Herstellung und Nutzung von grünem Wasserstoff zu ebnen und dafür die passenden Internetadressen bereitzustellen. / / / erwerben

Unsere Internetadressen sind eine wirklich gute Wahl um Produkte, Service und Applikationen in Verbindung mit Wasserstoff im Internet zu adressieren. Sie ist kurz, beschreibend und geben eine klare Aussage für Geschäftspartner, Kunden und Endverbraucher. Derzeit erzielt der Suchbegriff “h2 koeln” schon 5,5 Millionen Ergebnisse bei Google.

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Wasserstoff in Köln und Cologne

For decades, large quantities of hydrogen (also abbreviated as H2 or HY) have been produced as a by-product in the chemical industry in Germany. HyKoeln has taken the initiative to use this hydrogen for future-oriented projects as well as to establish green hydrogen in Germany and Cologne. In the meantime, there is a large number of experts who attest that a sustainable and safe energy economy relies on hydrogen as an energy carrier. domain logo

Hydrogen, in combination with highly efficient fuel cell applications, offers excellent opportunities to achieve global climate targets and gradually decouple energy supply from fossil energy sources. domain logo

In the transport sector, the course has been set: By means of electric mobility concepts, emissions can be reduced and the energy used can be used far more efficiently than has been the case to date. By using hydrogen as an energy carrier, the introduction of nationwide electromobility can succeed in the long term domain logo

A first infrastructure and transport project based on hydrogen fuel cell technology was initiated and realized in 2017. The players involved were the municipal utilities of cities Cologne and Leverkusen. With the aim of reducing emissions in local public transport, two buses powered by hydrogen fuel cells were procured in 2018 with support from the state of NRW. Until 2017, these were used in regular service in the cities. domain logo

The first hydrogen filling station for refueling the buses was built with support from the German government. The hydrogen delivered there is a byproduct of chlor-alkali electrolysis and is available at attractive conditions. The hydrogen is made available for refueling the buses, but also for other vehicles. It should be emphasized that no additional energy input is required for hydrogen production. This entry-level project with a complete value chain has proven the feasibility of hydrogen utilization in public transport.

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Hydrogen buses arrive in Cologne – The news was confirmed on Friday (12th March), when coach and bus manufacturer Solaris Bus & Coach said it had delivered the first of a total of Hydrogen. New hydrogen fuel cell buses have begun arriving in Germany. The vehicles have started to arrive in Cologne, where the first 15 have busses showed up and case with the majority of existing refueling stations currently installed.

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