The industry around Green Hydrogen Energy is growing very fast. If you want to be part of it and desire to join the newest cleantech starring, this domain name is likely the best one you can get. We are also on the outlook for talents in the greenish industries. Green Hydrogen is used in many applications in many industries around the world, and not all of these fit into easily definable green hydrogen categories.

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Today, the search term “green hydrogen energy” has already about 80 million search results at Google. Therefore the domain is a perfect choice to name products, applications, and services connected with hydrogen. It is short, descriptive, and meaningful to business partners and consumers.

If you need green hydrogen produced using renewable energy sources like wind or solar, feel free to contact us. Chances are, we will be able to meet your needs with our solutions and services. Large quantities of hydrogen are required for different purposes in many industries. Today, this hydrogen is normally produced off-site and delivered to the factory.

Green Hydrogen Energy is the goal

The goal is to gradually reduce and avoid the emission of greenhouse gases, in the case CO2, as part of the energy transition. There are applications and sectors that technically or economically cannot be run on electricity, and hydrogen can provide an alternative basis there.

Green hydrogen should, for example, serve to compensate for fluctuating electricity demand and, in further steps, form the basis of so-called power-to-X energy carriers. In the future, this will also be used to produce environmentally friendly steel or e-fuels, among other things. In addition, hydrogen can contribute to sector coupling between power generation, mobility, the heating sector and industry. In addition, heavy commercial vehicles, ships and aircraft are to be powered by fuel cells in the future, whereby no exhaust gases are produced, only water vapor.

Green Hydrogen Strategies

The European and German National Hydrogen Strategy, among other things, is providing massive support for hydrogen technology, which is set to become one of the mainstays of the energy industry in the future. So far, green hydrogen is very expensive and cannot yet be produced in large quantities. The costs are to be reduced with research and the expansion promoted. Since the potential power generation capacity in Europe is not sufficient for this, hydrogen is to be imported from abroad at a later date.

Like other studies before it, a study by Greenpeace Energy at the end of 2020 came to the conclusion that the use of green hydrogen would only make sense in terms of climate protection if there were an abundance of green electricity, due to its comparatively poor efficiency. With the increasing expansion of generation capacities of renewable energies, there is temporarily more and more often a surplus of electricity supply, which could then at least be used for the production of green hydrogen. The production of gray hydrogen, which is mostly used today, produces a lot of greenhouse gas, which can be replaced by green hydrogen.

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